A Baby when Maternity Leave is Over

Well I am officially back to work and I both love and hate it!

I’ll start off by quoting what a friend told me last week on a play date; that being a stay at home mum was harder than working AND then seperately that she didn’t want to go back as she couldn’t bare being apart from the baby. Honestly this is my exact feelings! I don’t think she was lying about one of these statements or confused, I feel like all mums think this at some point!

Sometimes I am counting down the minutes to work (and I work in complaints), becuase I need some adult company that isn’t my husband (who I love but who is the only person I see since having a baby), I want a coffee without screaming, I want to just sit down without keeping my eye on my crawling tornado!

Other times like yesterday, I was honestly nearly in tears going to work! Telling myself that I needed to earn the money for our future, that it was only a few hours, wanting to turn the car around becuase my heart ached for my little boy!

Being a working mum is hard! I have it really hard physically but mentally not as hard as a lot of working mums. Let me explain: My husband works 9-3 and I made the decision to work 4-10 so, although I now see my husband less (which is a whole other issue), our baby doesn’t have to be left with anyone except his dad. I imagine this is so much easier than nursery or a child minder as I know that my husband would so anything for my son and if the baby is sick he probably worries more than me! Physically I can end up doing 20 hour days as I am getting up at 5 with our baby then working til 10, coming home and trying to get myself together for the next day as quickly as possible so I can get a few hours sleep!

So my back to work isn’t as ‘normal’ as a lot of people. But I know we all face similar challenges! Here are what my challenges seem to be this first few months…

  1. Giving my son energy throughout the day to help his development without offsetting my chronic pain and leaving me empty for work.
  2. Finding time for my husband, we are on such opposite shifts sometimes, like this week, we eat every meal seperately and only see eachother in bed sleeping!
  3. Practicing self care- I have a one year old and am yet to leave the house without him (excluding work and university)
  4. Seeing friends and family- not having time with my husband means I want to spend the weekends with him which is great but the balance for including our friends and family in our lives while trying to also include eachother enough is difficult.

If anyone is in a similar situation I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on dealing with all the challenges that we can face as working mums and what you all find helps in terms of finding a balance!


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