A Baby and Chronic Illness

I don’t even know how long it has been since my last blog post. I am sure it has been a few months!

Being a new mum can be tiring, Breastfeeding means I can’t rest at night and in the day with our little fast crawler I am constantly on the go!

I have had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome from birth but the Chronic pain only came about when I was 24.

I had times over the past few years where I would take a week off from everything and just sleep and lie on the sofa to recouperate. Sometimes a night out would leave me in agony for weeks!

Having a baby has changed all that and made it difficult to get the time to rest that I used to take for granted! I look back and it’s crazy I used to complain I had to lay down all day becuase now I don’t have that option available to me.

Just to state my little man is worth it and I am so happy to have been blessed to be a mum.

This week started with dislocating elbows which left me drained and I ended up going to my mum’s house for 4 days to get help with my little bundle of energy. Now I am back home and the dislocations and subluxations have moved to my hips and knees. This morning I can also feel that start of my fingers going!

This being said I was up every hour last night feeding my teething baby, I have had him with me all morning and he is so unhappy with his teeth he needs lots of play and entertaining!

This week I have my family over for my birthday on Monday, Baby class on Tuesday, Play Date on Wednesday, Graduation on Friday and a party to celebrate on Saturday!

I know it is a busy week and I will be drained but I can’t relax or rest. Having a baby with a chronic illness is hard! I am only 7 months in so I don’t have all the answers but I wanted to explain why I haven’t been very active and hopefully reach people in a similar situation who I can connect with and gain some type of support network!

I am in Breastfeeding groups, February mother groups but there are no groups I have found for mothers with chronic pain.

Message or let me know if you have any tips on how to get ‘me time’ or a break when you have a ‘little shadow’ as we call him!


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  1. Emma says:

    Hope things get a little easier for you soon! It may not be possible but on days where I’m really tired and struggling, whenever the baby naps, I just leave the housework and errands and either nap myself or just lay on the sofa xx

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  2. Worn our Momma I hear you!

    I also breastfeed my little peach & persevering with it has been super difficult. Waking every 3 hours – sometimes every 1 hour 🙈 really does take its toll. Then as you say, teething, developmental stages, growth spurts – all of these factors make a clingy baby & when we’re the only party with the boob… Daddy can’t help!

    So sorry your body hurts so severely! I’ve never heard of your condition before – I’m usually a reasonably fit & well person, however since having Aria every inch of my body aches. So how you cope is amazing – well done you! You’re doing amazing 👏🏼

    Sending a virtual hug – Shaan x


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