Homemade Baby Food and Us

When we first started thinking about what we would do when our baby started eating I thought I would be using store bought jars and pouches. I didn’t think I would have the time or energy to make food from scratch! Well then along came Amazon prime day and they had these fill’n’squeeze pouches!

I didn’t know if I’d even use them but got them as they were such a good deal! Now we use them every day!

They are great for out and about and unlike bowls where you can have a spoonful or two and end up throwing the rest away, when I use these I use a spoon and squeeze the pouch onto them so that I can keep using the pouch and not have any waste!

How I make it works with or without a fill’n’squeeze pouch though! Took some photos of how I do it. To show how easy it is, takes about 10-15 mins and you can make as much or little as you like!

I prefer bulk making it because I can freeze some but does depend on how much milk I can express! (I express breast milk into the food to make it tastier for our baby)

Skin and grate what vegetables you want… I grate it because when I did cut it I never made it small enough to purée!

Boil it on low til it breaks with my fingernail… Don’t know why this is my test as it constantly burns me…

Purée in our nutri bullet thing and give to baby to taste test incase he doesn’t like it!

Use the fill’n’squeeze to fill the pouches

Pop in the freezer til it’s time to enjoy!

Hope this helps someone wondering what to feed their baby those first few months they are allowed food because I honestly had not idea what to do or how easy it could be!!

(On a side note reusable pouches are great when you think of how many store bought pouches I would have been using by now! Not perfect because of the plastic but definitely feel like I am doing better for the environment than I could be!)

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