A Baby and Breastfeeding in Hospital- A Brief Description of my Experience

The reason I haven’t been posting alot lately is due to being totally wiped out after a recent experience, just starting to feel myself again so will tell you all the story!

I started having a nosebleed at 2am, it made my 2am feed a bit difficult as was trying to feed and change baby without bleeding all over him!

I was so tired I went to bed with a towel on the bed and assumed I’d be better by morning… WRONG… At 6am I still had a nose bleed and was feeling faint so asked my husband to come help me while I fed the baby.

By 8am we were thinking something was wrong and called 111 who said to go to hospital.

Got to hospital at 9am and baby still needed feeding, it was difficult to drink because of all the blood so I was tired and dehydrated, hungry but still feeding! (Through out the whole day I wasn’t offered any food or drink, so was blessed my husband was there to go subway and get me food and drinks!)

By 10am ish I had this weird thing put up my nose to stop the bleeding. It gave me the worst headache and for the first time that day I cried and needed pain killers… Even then, baby came first as didn’t want any pain killers that would affect my milk so stuck with paracetamol and declined the other drugs normally I would have snatched because of the amount of pain I was in.

The next issue was I had to go to another hospital by ambulance! We had no bottles of expressing pump so my husband travelled behind ambulance the whole way while I stressed baby would be hungry and without food… Crying for the second time that day!

Not surprisingly later on while at the other hospital I fainted, I had been given adrenaline, had my nose cauterised 4 times and been feeding baby all day with no energy and while losing crazy amounts of blood!

We got home by 6:30pm and I was worn out! But obviously feeding baby myself meant I had no rest and had to continue to feed through the night!

It took me about 2 weeks to get back to normal, which is crazy, and have to have a scan and a biopsy to see what is up with all the nose bleeds but I am still glad I breastfeed. It wore me out and I assume is the reason my recovery took as long as it did but I can’t imagine the stress of being in hospital and not knowing where to make up babies bottles or how to sterilise things!

Even with all my health problems I am blessed I am able to breastfeed and that the doctors were able to stop the bleeding and find the lump that caused it!


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