A Baby and Breastfeeding

Posted from my Instagram and encompasses exactly how I feel 😍

Happy #nationalbreastfeedingweek … 19 weeks so far of feeding my baby by myself, 19 weeks watching him grow through the milk I’m giving him! 19 weeks where I am the only one who can comfort and feed him, 19 weeks where every hour he is awake I need to keep him full and hydrated! 19 weeks where I do all the night shifts because I am the only one with his food! 19 weeks without a break! But I wouldn’t change any of it! Seeing him and knowing I am the reason he is growing and getting strong! I’m happy to give up the next month before he starts eating food so that he can get bigger and stronger! Breastfeeding is so tiring and time consuming BUT so rewarding and even though it’s often a thankless job, I am happy to do it 💙 Shout out to all those breastfeeding mums! Whether you did it for a week or a year, you gave up your time so your baby could get the stuff they need to be strong and healthy as they grow up ❤️💙


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