National Breastfeeding Week

It’s one of those things, you are so proud you are able to feed your baby by yourself and I can’t describe the hormones when you are feeding them (As long as they aren’t twisting while still holding your nipple in their mouth or trying to fit their fist and your nipple in at the same time) it is just pure love and happiness! But I know myself and many other breastfeeding mums are aware lots of mums find it harder to breastfeed, whether it’s the nipple pain or the lack of help (you literally are the only one who can feed this baby, no help at night, if a baby is up all night so are you!) It means that we don’t want to shout about our Breastfeeding achievements! It seems to upset other mums to say ‘Im so proud I managed 4 whole months of pure breast milk’, when they found it so hard and wish they could have done what you did! Or alternatively they are offended and assume you are judging them if you post your success or the benefits as they chose formula and don’t want to hear about alternatives.

Then if it isn’t guilt of upsetting other mums it’s worry that your feeding photos will offend someone who isn’t a parent/ doesn’t understand that it’s essential to feed a baby! The people who say you should feed in private or a bathroom! The ones who think if you look nice while breastfeeding you are sexualising it!

Well I am proud! Here are some photos of my achievements over the past few months with my little boy!

Making enough milk for a milk bath

Feeding at this morning live… When they went live!

Learning to feed in anything! Originally got rid of all sweatshirts!

Feeding with a fussy dog

IN GENERAL… I have kept my baby growing on mums milk for 4 months and I am proud!


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  1. Yessss! It is so good to hear Mum’s write about being proud of their breastfeeding achievements. Sometimes I feel in society it is frowned upon to be a proud breastfeeding mama, as if you are shaming those who cannot/ do not breastfeed??
    You should be proud of yourself, it is an amazing thing that you have done. It is hard work and tiring. Well done!!

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