Pets and Babies

Giving up my cat and dog was never an option! Our pregnancy was planned and if I thought I would have had to give up my pets I would have waited to get pregnant!

When we had our baby our dog did stay away for a week. I had no sleep and was too tired to walk him and thought it wasn’t fair for him to meet our baby for the first time under these circumstances!

When he did come home I made sure to give him attention and walk him and try to let him sniff and get involved as much as he wanted…

This worked! I know alot of mums who say the dogs eat the nappies and things but letting Ralph be fully involved with our babies care meant he didn’t see the nappies as anything special so I can leave them on the floor and he doesn’t go for them!

When changing nappies the first few weeks I made him sit next to me and now he automatically does it!

The cat and dog used to sleep in our bed but becuase we have a next to me cot that isn’t really an option now, I sleep in the main room with the baby and hubby sleeps with pets next door! We are thinking of updating to the cot soon and when we do the dog can come back in our room as he won’t be able to get in to the baby but unfortunately our jumpy cat will still be outcast!

I always make sure they are not alone with the baby as I have read stories about cats lying on babies and our dog hates the postman so much I know if our baby rolled in his way he would just jump on him!!

Whenever the baby sleeps in the day the pets will sleep with him and he is so interested in them! Leap Four is all about movement and our baby boy is loving watching the cat and dog walk and play! It honestly is like free baby entertainment!

Below are some photos of our babies… If you are thinking of getting rid of your pets before a baby just know that they can be best of friends and you don’t need to!

Keeping a watchful eye over his little brother

Baby wanting to get a closer look at Cupcake

Baby wanting the dog to play

Afternoon naps

Feeding one and cuddling the other

Watching his Big Bro

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