A Baby and My Body Part 2.

The wedding where I am bridesmaid is… 21 days away! Oh my goodness since the last blog I have… gained weight and probably lost double that in hair! Oh dear oh dear! I tried on my dress and it is beautiful but I definitely need to do something to feel more confident for the day and photos!

Now before you read this and think I’m being silly over a measley half stone… I know weight isn’t the point to feel good but when I know I was happy with my body when I was 5 pounds lighter then I think I am going to try it before I start moping!

I am finding trying to eat healthy so hard when I am living on no sleep while having to look after a baby and a home 24/7! It didn’t help either I was revising for my exam which meant a lot of stress eating!

I was at Thomas Land yesterday and once again ate my body weight in food! I need some type of help… Like a person who hits my hand every time I try to eat! It’s not even that I’m hungry I think I am just bored!

(Thomas judging me for eating so much)

I can’t excersise any more, the pain from my chronic illnesses have come back and seeing as all that helps is medication, hot baths and sleep… Of which I have none thanks to baby and breastfeeding… I am pretty much reliant on a good diet as the only way to feel good in myself!

I have tried to be good this week when I ordered the food shop but I can promise you if you want to eat badly you find some food somewhere! I’m a fan of baking or last night- finding ice-cream in the outside freezer!

I have 3 weeks to lose the 5 pounds to be my own wedding day weight which was when I was at my happiest… Just before I got pregnant I lost another half stone on my wedding weight but that took work I just don’t have the time or effort for now!

(Any excuse to post a wedding photo)

So I need to eat healthy to lose 2 pounds a week and at the same time make sure I keep to my calories so it doesn’t affect my breast milk! Being a mum and trying to feel good about yourself is hard!

(What is personal space… I’ve forgotten)

Summer is coming and I can’t really afford a whole new wardrobe for my new bigger body so my choice is to lose weight or walk around naked at this point!

(The summer before I got pregnant when my thighs were bigger than my belly!)

So I will keep everyone updated and if anyone has any advice please let me know! Am currently trying to walk the dog although some days I can’t, I am using My Fitness Pal which at present is monitoring my weight gain rather than loss and from when I click publish I am going to be helathy!

Wish me luck and know that by midnight I will be probably feeding my baby boy milk and myself the half eaten bag of chocolate chips hidden in my cupboard!


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