A Baby and Open University

I will explain my story and hopefully answer some questions you might have about studying yourself!

(Revising with my boy!)

In 2008 I started a degree course in Children’s Nursing, due to 1000 reasons… Looking back now my undiagnosed chronic illness probably played a large part… I ended up with a Diploma in Children’s Nursing I never used rather than the Degree I went in for.

Two years ago my husband was completing a degree in Sports and Fitness with the Open University and I decided it was something I wanted to do!

Luckily if you don’t have a degree you get student finance that you pay back in your wages, so although I had studied for 3 years and had a diploma I was still able to utilise Student Finance.

I had 240 credits for my Diploma and needed a further 120 for a degree. Courses can either be 30 or 60 credits. Rather than spend 4 years doing 30 credit courses I decided to push myself and do two years of 60 credit courses while working full time!

The first year didn’t go amazingly, I hadn’t studied for years and was getting back into the swing of things. Unfortunately because of this my overall mark has gone down, but you need to start somewhere!

This September I chose my second 60 credit course ‘introduction to mental health’… Although I will overall have an open degree as the courses I chose aren’t specific topics to children’s nursing I still chose health related topics so my degree made sense and mental health is an interesting topic I think everyone should take some time to learn about!

In the May I fell pregnant after completing 2/5 of my assignments.

I had to do one assignment while pregnant with hypermesis… I was in and out of doctors/hospital/bed with constant sickness and worn out but managed to do my assignment and as it was such an interesting topic I managed to get an okay result!

The next assignment I had to do when my baby was one week old… Oh my goodness I was so tired but once again being an interesting topic and with the help of my family I pushed through and completed the essay getting my best mark so far!

One point I would give- if you choose a topic you are interested in EVERYTHING is easier! Weekly work, coursework and exam prep!

The final hurdle was an exam that took up 50 percent of my overall course mark… I took this exam at home with an invigilator as I was EBF and baby needed me twice for feeding through the 3 hour exam!

This is good to know for those with family ties… If you have a baby that you need to feed or cannot leave the home they will come to you!

I have my results back on 16th July and can book my graduation from 22nd July! It has been 10 years in the making!

Now I know I did an essay with a one week old BUT you are allowed extensions… And you get your essays at the start so you could technically do them all at once or extend the submission day!

I recommend Open University to anyone. It is so much harder than regular University as I had a job and then a newborn but it is worthwhile to improve yourself!


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  1. Congratulations, very new to this and just found this post searching Open University, gives me hope!

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    1. wornoutmumma says:

      I definitely recommend open uni, it can be hard but it’s so nice to work toward something in your free time rather than watching TV!

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      1. Definitely! So far I love it! I’d only be scrolling social media or watching TV when the kids are asleep, might as well make my free time productive! Only at the end of my first year so it’s nice to see someone at the end maintaining the same motivation.

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