A Baby and Show Off Mums – Let’s choose to be honest instead!

Now with show off mums you can find them anywhere! In my own experience they are usually on Instagram or Facebook rather than in person!

I often find they try to cloak the show off-ism into a question on the Facebook groups I am in, some recent favourites…

  • Baby has only just learnt to roll, is this normal?- at 2 months
  • Baby can read most books but their voice doesn’t sound right, listen to this audio?- 2 years old
  • I am bigger than I was when I was 9 months pregnant what do you think?- photo of a beautiful woman in a tight dress and 100+ comments saying she’s stunning
  • My baby is gaining lots of weight and has gone up a centile is this okay- *photo of chunky little cutie*

Here’s the thing, if you had your baby weighed you would ask the nurse if it was normal, if you were so stressed the baby gained weight you would I assume check Google if you have the ability to post on Facebook. It can really upset me on behalf of others, you will see a woman saying she is crying her baby hasn’t gained any weight and she is worried she has to stop breast feeding then followed by someone asking if it’s normal to gain weight! Just be honest– if you really feel the need to talk about your chunky monkey just say ‘look at this photo of my cutie gaining weight’

The ‘am I fat’ one is another one that plagues my mum groups… Let me tell you never once have I seen a photo of a big woman, it’s always skinny ladies in tight clothes asking if they look huge… Now I don’t know why it bothers me, but I feel like either post a photo showing off your obvious hard work to look so good honestly or share it to your own Facebook page!

A group of new mums have so much going on its hard to then read all this information about other babies and ‘snap back’ mums! I find I prefer a honest full on… ‘look at my baby crawling, so advanced‘ comment than someone saying ‘is it normal my 1 week old knows how to play the piano’.

Now I have to admit, last night I did have a show off mum moment… I posted a video of my boys first roll caught on film! It took nearly 2 days to catch it the sneaky monkey! As soon as I had done it I did feel like I had done it while over come with pride, that later made me feel horrible… In my head all my family and friends would want to see it! Today I felt like one of the mums I complain to my sister about! The difference was I was honest- here is babies first roll in a sports kit… I didn’t sugar coat it or act worried that it took him till 3 months to roll! I know 3 months was early and I am so grateful he is able to do it!

I always think show off about things you have done if you feel the need to show off… Worked out 20 hours a day to get back in shape then tell me… Don’t show off your baby is small when you can see the woman opposite has a a tall child! Read with your baby for 10 hours a day so he can now read? Tell me about your hard work don’t hide it in a statement about how worried you are!

I am a mum and if asked I would list all my little mans achievements but what I’ve realised is I love honesty! So do most other mums! So lets lose this ‘is it normal for a baby to sleep through the night’ nonsense! If you honestly worry check Google then ask someone… Don’t do it as a way to sneak out how proud you are of your children!

Let’s just be considerate of others or just show off fully! If someone asks you why your baby sleeps just say honestly that you keep him high off sugar all day so he crashes all night. If someone compliments your babies weight admit you have had to be feeding them nearly 24/7 to get that weight gained! If your told your baby rolls early admit your husband insisted on tummy time every day and the poor kid didn’t have a choice (that last one is my own life)!

By being honest it turns from showing off to being relatable!

Let me know any funny comments you’ve seen or heard as well as any times like me you have given into show off-ism!

Ending with some photos of my life in all their honest glory!

The time I dared to have a coffee and my son judged me…

Watching Winnie the Pooh with sick on my top and choosing cuddles over a comb! Me and Tilly defo needed the tangle teeze that day!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lily says:

    So true! Well done your little one on rolling! Noah can do front to back but hasn’t mastered the other way yet! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wornoutmumma says:

      Thank you! We are the opposite! Back to front then it’s 50:50 if he will scream or roll back!

      Liked by 1 person

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