A Baby and a Week of Sleep

What you can see above is my feeding chart from the Baby Tracker App. At night time it’s basically my sleep schedule, becuase when I’m not feeding in the night I’m sleeping!

The back story to how I got my week of sleep

I got told that babies like a schedule and to be read to… I thought this was mad but after weeks of going to bed at 8pm… Even when it took 2 hours to settle, the night I dared to go to bed at half 9 with the baby he screamed till midnight and was up throughout the night! Basically when people say babies like a schedule they aren’t trying to patronise you but are stating a fact!

With the reading, I tried when he was a few weeks old and all he did was scream he wanted to be fed and not to be read to! However now he’s 3 months he giggles at the gruffalo and loves the voices and rhyming! People who read to their babies aren’t OTT as I originally thought! I honestly thought why am I reading when he doesn’t know what I’m saying, but he really does love it!

Now I know alot of people will not see my sleep pattern as a week of sleep but from where I started 5-6 hours in a row is amazing!

What my week of sleep has done for me

  • I have had the patience to work through the screaming protests of tummy time and managed to reach a stage where he will actually enjoy it!
  • I have got up to date on my washing and hung up all the baby clothes and put all the toys on his shelf!
  • I have managed to email and text most my friends to see how their lives are going and arrange to meet up… Before I was so sleep deprived I wouldn’t have been able to tell you where I was let alone what my friends were up to!
  • I have arranged our first family holiday! On maternity wages the choice was either a summer or Christmas holiday… We decided Christmas with Santa at center parcs… Where we went on honeymoon a year to the day our baby was born!
  • I have started being more Pro active about Chase Forest Adventure, the club I am promoting
  • I have gone crazy on the revision for my Final Exam for my degree… Which is a 3 hour seen exam next Friday… Yes I am doing the final year of my degree with a newborn… We will save that for another day!

A photo of our little man enjoying The Gruffalo!

I am aware there is this thing called ‘4 month sleep regression’, but I am going to enjoy this precious sleepy head while I can and try to live it up as much as I can!

To all the mums who are still sleep deprived I say try a routine and a book… Basically I am now the mum who says the things that used to make me groan! And as I always used to say – it’s a growth spurt/mental leap/developmental milestone… Basically tell yourself anything that will help you believe the sleep deprivation is short term!

Share any advice on how to keep him asleep at night or how to deal with this 4 month regression I am hearing so much about!


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