A Baby and Hot days

I used my photos as super cute examples but the bold words are all that we do as a family to keep our little ones safe in the sun!

Let me know all you do to keep cool in this hot weather and any examples that might help our family!

I think the photo says it all … The dogs stealing the food, husband in a tizzy, I couldn’t apparently keep my eyes open, Till fighting for her lunch and Barn wasn’t loving the fact it’s too hot for hugs in the sun!

Heat is so stressful for little ones! My sister making sure her bab had suncream and a hat... We bought 3 in town this day to make sure she’d like at least one 😂 and me wanting to hold my baby but knowing it’s better to be in the shade in his carry cot!

I express milk and put it into the fridge and give it cold which is refreshing for him and makes him so happy! I also try to keep him in the shade and swap the zip top for a muslin on hot days!

Till is luckily very good drinking water all day and on this day dafter our picnic we went to a local woodland and splashed in the cold water!

At first I was scared to go out in the heat with little ones but I’m so glad we do as it is cooler than being in the house!

Here is a photo my sister took of me sneaking a feed behind a statue in the shade! Before I was a mum I’d never sit on a dirty statue in white but all I could think was he was hungry and I needed him out but in the shade!

This photo is ANOTHER hot day- we had a blanket on the floor because of those annoying grass insects and a parasol to hide our babies from the sun! The sun was moving so fast I was having to move the umbrella all day!

We stayed in the shade this day too but I still thought he should wear sun cream and a sun hat!


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  1. Dam says:

    Aah what lovely days out. I can’t seem to keep my boy from sweating in his pram! I put a muslin behind him for now… probably a liner might do it…?!


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