A Baby and My Mum Bod

People who say breastfeeding helps you lose weight lie! I am so hungry from feeding little man that I never stop eating! And even if I wasn’t feeding him and getting hungry from it, I am so tired I am eating to stay awake through the nights!

I thought as soon as I hit 6 weeks and could excersise I would be super fit and healthy HA! I am 11 weeks post baby and have my first mum and baby fitness class tomorrow!

I am going baggy nursing top and bike shorts as my beautiful Stella McCartney gym outfit doesn’t quite look the same!

My boobs are bigger and thanks to organ reshuffle the hourglass I once had is gone! In the left photo I was going to spin so had my waist trainer to stop me slumping… Not even going to try that now as don’t think I’m close to a 26 inch waist!

I have taken my spin bike out of storage but it’s a coat hanger at present!

I am a bridesmaid in 2 months so plan to eat healthy and gain confidence in the mum and baby fitness class but am sure I will never see the lady on the left again!

When choosing between my old body and little man, he wins without question! I would rather have 10 minutes extra energy for him than put him down and tire myself out getting my old body back! (Not judging mums who choose to work out hard, I have chronic pain so my energy levels are different to most!!)

Let me know how you are all getting on with your new body and feeling about it all! Or if you have a miracle fix that involves me getting fit while lying down and eating chocolate!


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  1. I’m 10 months post-birth now and still resemble an apple (!) I’ve just not been able to exercise consistently as something always gets in the way – bub being ill, me being ill, hub’s shifts etc etc..this was getting me down a bit to be honest – I’ve never been so out of shape and felt as old as I do at the mo, but I’m back to work later this summer and I’m confident that that will help get me back into the frame of mind where I shift some of the focus back to looking after myself. My friend and I plan to go running at lunchtimes (yay for workplace showers)!


  2. You still look great!! My little one is 7 months, a few months ago I was not happy with how I look, it took me quite a while to come to terms with how my body had changed, but like you said, my daughter is the most important thing to me in the world, and knowing I grew her in my womb and I am still helping her grow through breastfeeding has helped me accept the body I have now. I started pilates 2 weeks ago, but it’s more for something to do than to get fit.

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    1. wornoutmumma says:

      Thank you! I’m planning to start a bit more fitness soon!!


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