Summer Club Start Up

Oh my goodness where to start! When my husband came home and asked if I would do promotion for Daryl (his friends) summer bush craft course I was so excited! I had previously set up a volleyball club with my husband and when you promote a club yourself you get so much more enjoyment with every email and phone query or booking you receive!

I’m still on maternity leave so have so much time on my hands when Barn has his sleepathons… I can go days with nearly no sleep then he will treat me to a day where he’s a right lazy bum! Therefore I thought it would be great to start something new to fill my time!

I started by setting up a Facebook page and emailing the local paper, and local ‘whats on’ website to add our August events, I added our event to local mum apps and then arranged a taster afternoon for some children at church and arranged for my dad to take photos with his camera so I could make flyers with the photos!

I have done all I can think of until the flyers are done, but this blog is mainly for help from mums and dads on how they plan their summer activities! Our event will be Bushcraft for a Family, where would you look for your family events so I can market in the right places!

Send me a message or comment below if you can!

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