A Baby and Having a Bath

I am currently on maternity leave with my 10 week old baby and I thought I would be chilling my days away, getting fit (I even got the spin bike out the garage HA) and making meals ready for my husband when he got home, but being a new mum is hard! Little man can feed every hour and sometimes for 30-45 minutes at a time! I get greasy hair in a day because he likes feeds lying down so I spend most my day on my back! Might sound great but I just want to do things! Even my mess of a house, cleaning it is like a flipping treat!

Today I took photos of my experience as a new mum having a bath… Don’t worry not me in the bath but just the build up…

First step was to express enough for one feed so I could have said bath without a visitor half way through!

Step 2 is to start running this beautiful bath of mine!

Step 3… Oh No… Came in bedroom to get crocodile clip for my hair… (Why wash it when dry shampoo exists)… to find that my hubby had emptied pockets and I had apparently combed my hair with many combs and made a lovely mess over the weekend!

Get rid of relaxing steps, best clear away and wipe the windowsill while the bath runs… Alot easier to find my lovely clip now!

Oh the bath is still running…

This is just one photo… I emptied all three bins in the house, as you do when waiting for a lovely bath!

Oh the bath is still running! Let’s get my clothes out for doctors in the morning and pottery in the afternoon incase little man is fussy and I don’t have the luxury of choosing tomorrow!

Aaah my bath is ready, let’s write a blog post as woth church and little man being poorly haven’t had a chance today 😂

Oh, husband has just called upstairs that his brother is popping in to see baby, while I’m in the bath so I look like a lazy mum and my husband is the saint who cares for the baby while I indulge, I officially feel like a bad mum!

Oh, second oh, husband has come up with a package… Seems little man has reached the age where we can get rid of the disposables and can go to reuseable nappies without me needing to wash 100 a day! I am so happy we have reached the stage where we can help the environment, but secretly sad that I am adding to my mumma workload! We are starting on one and working up because we have so many disposable nappies and I have no idea what I am doing… We do have the liners down stairs though! I know that much!

This is just a bath! One bath! During it I have cleaned, tidied, felt like a bad mum and apparently hit a nappy milestone!

I remember when a bath was a relaxing experience and there were candles and music.

Don’t read and think this is a complaint, it is just reality, and I love mine! Part of me is hoping my little man doesn’t take his bottle (it’s normally 50/50) so he can join me in the bath! I love my life but thought that it is good for other new mums to know, you are not alone!


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