A Baby and Must Have Items

My little man is 10 weeks at the moment so I figure if anyone can advise on what’s useful with a new baby I probably have a good insight as I’m still in the throws of it! Here are our must have items I couldn’t live without and photos of the items and me and little man using them too!

1. Freddie the Firefly
I cannot describe how much he loves Freddie the FireFly! He gets more attention than me! I clip him on his play gym and on his pram when we go on walks, it always makes him smile and gives me a break so I can get to the toilet!!

2. Poddle Pod

He loves his poddle pod, sometimes it’s the only way he will sleep! In the day time I put his Lamaze arch and Freddie the FireFly over his poddle to keep him entertained! There are loads of brands but I recommend and love all the patterns and covers for these!

3. GroEgg

After 1 night at home I was so worried about the heat in the house and my mother in law came over and bought this round! It is so useful to know what temperature the house is, orange is good and red and blue are bad! I take it away with us and if we go to someone’s house as well!

4. A red light bulb

You can’t feed in the dark and all the sleep books say if you need a light it should be red! I loved our red light and have only just traded it in for a projector now I know what I’m doing with feeding and don’t need as much light (you can see from the black out blinds this was a day nap and husband was home if you’re all getting worried I have a dog and baby in my bed all night… Although sometimes I do end up with a baby in the bed, dog sleeps with his pa in the spare room).

5. A phone grip

This is so handy for night time feeds or any feeds really where you only have one hand! It leaves your thumb free for texting and you don’t have to worry about dropping the phone on the baby!

6. Earth Mumma, Angel Baby Nipple cream

This is a lovely vegan nipple cream I used at the start when my breast feeding was still establishing and I was hurting! I know they all say lanisohl is the best but this seems better for baby as is all natural and sometimes you put it on after feed and baby wants straight back on the boob!

7. A date mat

These are so cute and I thought at the time a waste of money but I love seeing how much he has changed and know I will be grateful I bought it when he is older!

8. A Moses Basket

Everyone told me not to buy one as it only lasts a few months, which is true, but get one! They are the perfect size for those first month’s where you want to carry baby around the house while sleeping, they are great to travel with, and mine only cost 17 pounds! Make sure to remove the padding because if you can’t breathe through it neither can a baby!! But now he’s a bit too big for it it’s our garden bed! I love the moses basket photos of his as a teeny baby and now he’s onto his chicco but after having him in the moses basket it means he is happy having his own space!

9. Chico Next to Me

This is the only photo I have of our Chico, sneaky projector has snuck in the photo which is another great buy! It is more for me than little man at the moment, he will face away from me and have a sleep but I love that he is on my level and I can see his chest going up and down… As a new mum you literally watch their chests all the time! All new mums I have spoke to are the same! I got this one from my sister and bought a new mattress, which if you have any friends or family who recently had a baby is a good idea as they grow so quick it can become expensive with all the beds!!!

10. Funky Flamingo Sling

This is great if you have a clingy little one but you need to get out and about or just when pottering around the house! Great for feeding on those long hour feeds too!

11. Nature bond suction pump

This is so much easier than the electric pump especially when you are away from home. It gets about 3oz a feed from me but know some mums get a lot more! It’s pain free and I use it every day!

Hope all my items have helped give you ideas on what you would like! And let me know if you have had any luck with these items once baby has been born!


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