Baby Shower

I had horrible sickness thorughout nearly my whole pregnancy so I remember even the days before my baby shower I was so worn out I wondered if I would manage it but it was a lovely day with such amazing bits and pieces making it special!

Below are the photos and description so feel free to take ideas or inspiration from them! Also the gorgeous lemon cake is from my sister so unfortunately no money can buy it! Sorry 😦

This dress was from ASOS and I loved it! It showed off my bump and hid my new bigger arms! I bought it for seven pounds in the sale and managed to sell it on eBay and get my money back! I know it’s bad to buy a outfit when you are only going to be pregnant for another few weeks but it was worth it to feel nice for the day! The necklace was made by my friend Jess 😍

This is a photo of the venue, definitely was too pregnant to have a baby shower at home and be left with the mess! Went to a royal theme coffee shop and had ‘royal’ invites about my little prince! Having a royal theme was flipping cute (See below)

These were the invites 😍, I blocked out the details as not sure whether am meant to put them up! But they were sent online and made online which saved money compared to stamps and paper invites ect.

These were the favour boxes, I bought them from EBay and they had chocolates inside them. I bought keyrings for the aunties and grandma’s as well as for my friend who has a wedding coming up- I got her a bride to be keyring.

The baby shower sign I bought for my wedding and thought would never use again! It was from home bargains but they sell them everywhere! They come with lots of letters and now he’s born I have it in his room with his date of birth!

Have children at your baby shower! I had two babies and this gorgeous girl! My perfect neice! They added to it so much and it was worth it if just for this photo! I know people say that baby showers are just about the mum to be but as the mum to be I want all the mums to be happy with their little ones nearby!

This was the nicest cake ever made by my sister! I recommend a homemade cake because they taste so much nicer and it was nice to say where it was from and be proud of her tasty skills! The cake toppers I have checked and you can get off eBay or Amazon and they do make a lovely photo!

Just because you can’t drink doesn’t mean you can’t have a toast and watch everyone around you drink! Am sure if you’re a big drinker you wouldn’t like this but I didn’t mind and was nice to toast to my little man!

The venue made these toppers for the cakes and sandwiches, they were prince theme ones as well as ones of my birth announcement photo and baby scan! Very cute and cheap to do if you wanted to add to the decorations yourself!

I got my family blue sashes off EBay (I love eBay)- for the aunties and grandparents and my sister got me a lovely flattering one that went round my waist, not sure where it is from unfortunately!

My sister did lots of games as well but unfortunately no photos of them! We measured my bump, guessed things about the baby and drew what we thought the baby would look like!


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  1. Looked like a lovely day, and I adore the little personalised bits. You look stunning too!!


    1. wornoutmumma says:

      Thank you! Was 2 weeks before he was born, didn’t realise how big the bump was til I looked back at photos!!!


  2. The little favor boxes are so cute!!


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