A Baby and How to stop going stir crazy!

For those days where it’s sunny but you really don’t have the energy to go out the house, go in the garden! I’m not sure if you can see I popped carpet on my grass… I was worried that some bug might get to poor Barney! Also Happy Mum Happy Baby is an amazing book!

Bowling- especially in the day time, it is fun, the babies get to look at the bright colours and in the day time hardly anyone is around, and if you are anything like me you hate busy places and crowds! (This was for a photo, Barney can’t actually bowl)


Baby sensory rooms- they are relaxing and quiet and they will keep your baby happy and calm! Around me the library has a free sensory room you can book out which is great!

This is at an animal centre near our house, it was more for me than Barney but it gave him fresh air! Animal centres are cheaper than zoos which are great and this one is run by people training to be vets so the animals are all really well taken care of!

Church is one of my favourite activities, this photo isn’t actually from my church but from when we were away at easter and visited a new church!

Swimming- Barney hated it but it is usually a relaxing activity with your baby! This was at a spa hotel so a lot quieter than a public pool and when Barney hated it we got to relax on the loungers! Also please excuse the swimsuit, it doesn’t fit as well as it did at my hen party, my new mummy body made it shrink!

Pottery- You can paint a plate, paint your babies feet, and have coffee and cake! This was one of my favourite days! And Barney slept through out!

As in my previous post… GET A HOTEL ROOM… being a new mum is so hard, and once you are home you want to clean and tidy and wash, a hotel room has a kettle and biscuits by the bed, and you know you don’t have to do anything! This photo is from a wedding when Barney was 5 days old but we have since stayed in a hotel over Easter and each time is so relaxing! Also ROOM SERVICE! So nice for someone to bring you food in bed!

Walking my dog is another activity that helped me get out of the house, I started with a minute up the road and moved onto longer then off lead walks! It is great for fresh air and to feel in control!


Go out for a drink or a meal or a coffee with your partner or friends! You need to get out sometimes and a nice drink or meal is a great way to do that and have a nice chat! We have a sizzling pub near our house with £5 burger and drink deals, I recommend finding a nice local cheap place that you know is feeding and baby friendly to relax in when you are done with the house for a bit!

Hope all these tips have helped you a little bit in this crazy sometimes what feels like housebound journey as a new mumma!


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  1. Walking the dog is an incredibly simple and helpful tip. Our bébé has done twice daily walks since she was about 2 weeks old, and she loves her carrier and the fresh air. And for mama, the walks break up the day. Even if it’s cold or raining, we’ve enjoyed getting out… although we’re grateful that it appears spring has finally arrived.


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