A Baby and my Life as a Mum in the first few days…

So, where to start, my husband and I had a baby boy this February and although it has only been two months our lives have changed completely!

I gave birth to my baby boy after the weirdest labour ever… to elaborate… turns out when they say that if you can talk through contractions ‘they aren’t real’ IT IS A LIE! I went to hospital in a lot of pain saying that I needed pain killers as wasn’t in labour because I could talk, but was in a lot of pain… she checked me over and I was about to give birth!

I went to the delivery suite and my little man was born within 3 hours… I don’t know how long I was in actual labour for but that blooming saying meant I was writhing around in pain in the house for most the evening before we went!

I was in hospital for 5 days, little man had swallowed his own poo, had a heart murmur, failed a hearing test and was bow legged! In the middle of the second night I just burst out crying… turns out Doctors are very over thorough though, heart murmur went, legs fixed themselves and little man past his third hearing test! I definitely recommend staying calm through being told anything that is happening with your baby because they are so thorough half the things they find will fix themselves! When I looked it up after I was home, 1 in 100 babies have a heart murmur! In my head my little boy was the only one.

Another thing in the hospital… breast feeding specialists, I swear I was told 100 different ways to feed my baby and each new woman told me to do it a different way! In the end I figured out my babies own way of what he liked, the specialists are good in terms of if you don’t know where to start but when you are started and happy and they are telling you to hold the baby by one leg and hop while feeding (maybe a slight exaggeration of what I was told) then just ignore it and go with your gut! I ended up so sore from trying to do everything that every person told me!

Also do not buy loads of new born clothes! I gave birth to a beast and he didn’t wear many of them at all! No one tells you that your baby can come out huge! Maybe not to scare you but I wish I’d have known that some babies are born straight into 0-3 months clothes!

What next… HOME… Home was the next big hurdle, I just wanted to stay in bed with my little baby but once your home it is so difficult to relax, the house needed tidying (my husband had been home alone for the 5 days I was in hospital… I am sure you can imagine the mess), we had a weeks worth of washing from the hospital, and I had to go back to making food, I really did miss the hospital staff bringing breakfast in bed those first few days!

The first Saturday the Thursday after we were released, we were at a wedding! Now I can imagine you all think how hard it must have been… NOT AT ALL… when you are hormonal after giving birth a wedding is the best place as you don’t seem out of place crying! Then they make you your lunch and dinner… and it was beautiful food, they had a bar so someone else was getting me all my drinks (breastfeeding makes you ravenous) and I got to sleep in a huge bed in a castle… now if you remember me saying about the cleaning and laundry, being in a room where there was a kettle and biscuits by my bed and not having to tidy anything meant that I had my hospital staff experience for one more day, I got to wear a nice dress, and apart from one person asking me when I was due (I still had the baby belly), it was a perfect day!

And that was my first week with my gorgeous little boy! I will update more whenever little man gives me time to, but that is the start of this amazing journey that we are on!


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  1. Ali says:

    Super Mum going to a wedding so soon after giving birth! I was still walking like John Wayne at that point šŸ˜šŸ™ˆ

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  2. Thanks for sharing! Super excited to have my little girl in just a few weeks. Hopefully labor goes ask quickly for me as it did for you! Iā€™m curious how far along you were when you did finally begin labor?


    1. wornoutmumma says:

      When I got to hospital was 4cm and pains every 2 mins then he was born at 8cm 3 hours later šŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆ the woman turned around to get equipment to cut me as I wasn’t ready but he was and his head pushed out! Hurt quite a bit but soon forgot when I saw him! Hope is quick and pain free for you! Stay relaxed and don’t scream – only screamed once and I swear it made the pain worse!!


      1. Woww!! Praying mine is that quick – I’m doing it naturally at a birthing center so I’ll want it over with asap šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚ thanks for sharing! I’ll keep that in mind šŸ™„


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