Breastfeeding Outfits

Not just any breastfeeding Outfits! As previously stated I am gaining alot of lovely breastfeeding weight so it is outfits in the size up to hide my mum tum and my new bigger frame!

Forever 21 dress with my ever comfy maternity leggings!

A dress for sunny days which I’m sure I will try on every day and never wear because it’s quite short πŸ™ˆ From Forever 21

Called a dress from Forever 21 but I’m going to wear as a top because I’m old now and who would wear a dress this short!

Peplum top from ASOS which I love and tried to buy in every colour but they don’t sell it now! I could cry 😦 it’s also gone grey because I don’t split colours in the wash…

Lovely denim dungarees dress because I always thought I’d be a mum in dungarees! From New Look and not flattering but easy to feed in!


Finally not exactly easy to breast feed in but it says mum life on it! From momma makes and my favourite mum top ever 😍😍

As you can see from all my clothes I am a fan of low cut and get the whole boob out! It’s so hard to use the nursing tops the holes they put in are so small I don’t even get whose boob would fit in them!

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  1. Ali says:

    Lovely outfit choices, fab inspiration for breastfeeding mummy’s πŸ’—


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