A Baby and Breastfeeding

As previously stated the first few days on hospital we’re stressful! Everyone had so many different opinions on how was best to feed that I was overwhelmed and ended up trying to please the specialists rather than doing what was comfortable which let to quite alot of pain and a unhappy baby!

Once I was home and no one was watching I fed him lying down… Which apparently isn’t good, I fed him while holding my boob… They were also very against this at the hospital… And I fed him whenever he made the slightest sound… I assume that’s why he’s put on so much weight and is the little Beast he is today!

First I want to point out that breastfeeding isn’t the easy option! It creates a bond with your baby so strong that if you leave the room they will most likely scream! I can be having a bath… I will rephrase that… Trying to have a bath and hear my boy screaming, my husband will bring him up and within seconds he is smiling and laughing after seeing my face!

You become their only food source it’s only natural that they will be sad when they can’t see you! They don’t know you’re coming back and to them you are the only one who can take care of them!

Yes I agree we don’t have to sterilise bottles or get up to the kitchen in the night but breastfeeding you don’t have any help, you can express as much as you want but some nights your baby will just want you and your boob and no bottle will cut it! And it can be every hour that they want food as well!

When you are out and about it might be easier as you can feed baby straight away without a bottle but the looks and comments you get! It isn’t easy!

Not only the looks, the milk stains on every outfit! I was at the hospital for my little boys check up and saw a woman smiling, smiled back assuming she was loving on my gorgeous little boy, until I got to the bathroom mirror! I had leaked milk thorough my bra, pad, two tops and it was a blooming pitty smile!

I used to think I was pro- breastfeeding before I had my little boy but now I’m at a different level! I am constantly googling normalise breastfeeding and getting outraged on behalf of the women telling stories of being judged, I am on Instagram and drawing strength from these women out and about feeding their babies where ever they need it and I am in groups sharing stories of how hard it can be and the pain of spilt express milk!

I cannot describe, it’s almost like a drug, the feeling you get feeding your baby. I was trying to describe to my friend the other day. He can be screaming for hours and as soon as he latches on I forget it all and only feel love for him! Literally within seconds!

We are lucky as apart from the first few days in hospital he has been amazing at feeding and growing well which I know can be more difficult for some ladies and their babies and more of a struggle.

My main issue this week is the length of the feeds! I’ve gone from 10 minutes at a time to nearly a hour a time! I am late for everything and pretty sure I will get dreadlocks or something from lying on my hair so much feeding him through out the day! But hopefully this new regime will mean I can’t get up to get to the kitchen as much… Did I mention THE HUNGER! OH MY GOODNESS!! Breastfeeding makes you so hungry, I have probably eaten more than thorughout my whole pregnancy! I darent go to an ‘all you can eat buffet’ I would eat the whole place and get forceably removed! I have no control! Whoever said you lose weight breastfeeding obviously was just trying to give hope to a lot of sleep deprived women!

I am sure once I publish this I will think of 100 stories over the past weeks of my breastfeeding journey but at the moment all I can think to share is the over whelming love and over whelming hunger it leads to!

Anyone reading this feel free to comment your stories to give me a giggle, as I will most likely be reading them pinned to my sofa while my little beast eats for hours at a time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ali says:

    Spot on, breastfeeding has so many positives and also difficulties, but the feeling you get from it with both the hormones and knowing you’re nourishing your baby all by yourself is the best feeling in the world! I don’t actually remember the insatiable hunger but it will definitely ease off as time goes on I promise!


  2. Dam says:

    I have managed to go through so many seasons of pretty much everything on Netflix haha!


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